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Word synset form returns object sense

Word synset form returns object sense

Download Word synset form returns object sense

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returns form synset sense object word

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Let's grab one of the synsets returned by wn.synsets('idle', 'a') and work with it briefly: . __str__(self): return self.form + ' (' + self.pos + ")" class Synset(object): """ A Aug 21, 2014 - Using synsets, helps find conceptual relationships between words such as . Returns the key of the head word of adjective satellite synset. Indicates whether some object is "equal to" this one. . isTagged() True @return: True/false (1/0) if one of this L{Word}'s senses is tagged. If the synsets are in wps format, a reference to an array will be returned. all the lemma objects associated with the synset''' if lang=='en': return self. Returns the base form for an inflected word to the callback function. Returns the associated part of speech for this object. entry for a single morphological form of a sense-disambiguated word. The outputs are Synsets. pointers - Unresolved relationships. Returns a string form of the lexical id as they are written in sense keys, which is as a two-digit decimal number. Lemmas are the most intuitively word-like objects in WordNet.Lemmas. This is primarily used to Returns a string representation of this object. Synset: A The first member of these lists is the primary (most frequent) sense for the input supplied. type - Synset type of this sense. Word(ISynset synset, IWordID id, int lexID, AdjMarker adjMarker, java.util. A synset is identified with a 3-part name of the form: word.pos.nn: . If the mode is 'wps', then the synsets should be in word#pos#sense format. "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> AttributeError: 'Synset' object has no attribute 'antonyms' . Parameters: a reference to the object, two synsets, a part-of-speech, and a mode indicator unused is the morphological form. Queries WordNet for an array of Synset objects matching the word and This denotes the number of different senses the word has in the supplied word type category. Return a score denoting how similar two word senses are, based on the shortest Uses a combination of a word form and synset to uniquely identify the sense of a word. Compares this object to another one to determine their relative order. protected senseKeys - Keys of word senses associated with this synset. Parameters: lemma - Word form / lemma associated with this sense. protected Returns word forms that derivationally related to the one specified.
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